Learn About The Baker Program at ICSC RECON

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The Baker Program will be hosting an information table at ICSC RECON 2016!  Come by to learn about our graduate real estate program at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

Location: Talent Development Pavilion (N-3, Marketplace Mall)
Monday, May 23rd: 8:am to 5pm
Tuesday, May 24th: 8am to 5pm
Wednesday, May 25th: 8am to noon
Contact: Beth Ann VanDine, baf22@cornell.edu, (607) 227-5168

Cornell’s Baker Program in Real Estate will help you build the foundations and expertise needed to become a leader in field.

Boasting the largest full-time real estate faculty in the country, the Baker Program’s real estate classes provide expertise in areas as diverse as:

  • The role of the developer, owner, investor, financier, operator, and user
  • Investigation into development, finance, investment and deal structuring, architecture, construction management, sustainable design, law, property management, urban economics, and planning

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