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Distinguished Speaker Series: Spring Semester 2017

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Robert Lathan

Since Program Director, Dustin C. Jones, has taken the reigns to the Baker Program in Real Estate, he has looked to fulfill a mission that exposes the Masters candidates to all things real estate. Whether the location be Vancouver, Dallas, Seoul, Manhattan, San Francisco, or the program’s home in Ithaca, NY, Dustin strives to deliver an exhilarating experience. His focus has made the Distinguished Speaker Series an event that both students and industry professionals desire to take part. The 3-hour class has gained such significance that a wait-list exists for Fall Semester 2017.

It is our pleasure to introduce the speakers associated with the series for Spring Semester 2017! The participants range from Tim Mayopoulos, President and CEO of Fannie Mae, to Michael Gross, CFO of WeWork, with Baker Program Advisory Council Member, Andrew Benioff, also making an appearance. Additionally, March 30, 2017, the Executive Editors of The Review will be facilitating a Baker Alumni Panel consisting of graduates who have transitioned into the industry between 5 -7 years ago. This Spring looks to be a fantastic representation of all the Cornell Baker Program in Real Estate has to offer to the community, potential students, current candidates in the Masters program, alumni, and the industry as a whole.


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