Announcement of Baker Inter-Session Trips: Dubai & Seattle

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Robert Lathan

As it has been discussed and proven, real estate continues to be more than just numbers and financial statements. It involves people, places, and relationships. With that continued understanding, the Baker Program In Real Estate which functions jointly between Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration and Art, Architecture, and Planning (AAP),  will further its mission to provide graduate candidates focused in the commercial business of real estate, the best holistic education available by embarking on Inter-Session trips during the 2017-2018 Academic Year. As second year students prepare for their future careers, they will have the opportunity to study in Dubai over the course of a week, learning firsthand how the country has grown through domestic and international investment. First year students will continue the trend of visiting the city that hosts the fall ULI conference, traveling to Seattle, WA.

Program Director, Dustin C. Jones, Esq. stated, “these trips are essential to the educational texture because the travel augments the classroom experience. Masters candidates gain the requisite sensitivity and understanding of people and places needed to be the leaders in real estate. By traveling to Dubai, 2nd year candidates will gain the opportunity to see at ground level the development occurring in preparation for the 2020 World Expo. While on the other hand, first year candidates will be able to align the education gained in their first semester with Seattle’s changing dynamic due to macroeconomic demand and supply drivers.” Again, it is this progressive approach to real estate curriculum that sets Cornell’s Baker Program in Real Estate at the top above all other real estate education programs globally.



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