Summer 2017: Internships for Baker Program 2018 Candidates

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Robert Lathan

With the Spring 2017 Semester coming to a close, the 2018 candidates for the Baker Program in Real Estate have begun to see the fruits of their efforts in securing highly touted summer internships. These internships will solidify,  and grow the knowledge base of the candidates gained during their first 2 semesters in Ithaca.

Currently, 80 percent of the candidates have secured positions for the summer while the remaining 20 percent will finalize their commitments in the coming week. Of the current secured summer internships, they have the following demographics:

  • 4 Countries Represented
  • 10 States of the United States
  • Covering the roles of Brokerage, Development, Capital Markets, Advisory, Investment Banking, Acquisitions, Asset Management, and Architecture
  • Within the sectors of Single Family, Office, Industrial, Affordable Housing, and Hospitality

As these Masters candidates set out to take the next step in their journey, the Baker Program in Real Estate would like to take the time to congratulate them on efforts and achievements attained. Hopefully, as the summer progresses, their experiences will be shared here on this platform. Congratulations Baker Program in Real Estate Class 2018!

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