Baker Program Recognizes Staff Graduate Matthew Kozlowski

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Matthew Farrell

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Every year, another group of incredible students graduates from the Baker Program and takes what they’ve learned out into the world. The class of 2017 was no different, and recent graduates have already begun to spread out around the globe and pursue their dreams.

One of these graduates took a rather unconventional road towards receiving his degree, and for that reason, the Review editors want to take this opportunity to recognize Matthew Kozlowski. Many of us have taken classes with Matt over the past few years and have come to appreciate his great knowledge and depth of experience. Matt is a Staff Graduate, meaning he earned his degree while working full-time for the University. He has worked for the past 11 years as the Green Building Program Manager for Cornell. In this role, he provided direct support for all campus projects pursuing LEED certification. The projects he has worked on range widely in scale, ranging from $5 million to $160 million, and have spanned all phases from design and construction to building occupancy and every stage in between. They include renewable energy projects, Cornell research dairy barns, and the brand-new Cornell Tech Campus in New York City. As if this weren’t impressive enough, Matt also decided to earn a master’s degree in real estate during his spare time.

For all of his hard work balancing school, career, and family obligations, we would like to honor Matt and wish him great success in the years ahead. It has been a pleasure!

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