Cornell Real Estate Review

Author: Cornell Baker Program in Real Estate (Downloadable PDF) The PDF which can be downloaded to read at your leisure represents the efforts and sacrifices of the entire Real Estate Review editorial staff. However, none of this could be accomplished without the guidance of Dr. Michael Tomlan, Baker Program Director, Dustin C. Jones Esq., and… Continue Reading Cornell Real Estate Review

State Intervention to (Un)manage Growth

Author:  Laura Snider (Downloadable PDF) ABSTRACT The classic dream of moving to a spacious, single-family home in the suburbs has led urban sprawl to become the standard pattern of American growth.  Unfortunately, this type of growth—in the aggregate—has created a vast array of unintended consequences.  From increased commuting times and traffic congestion to the degradation… Continue Reading State Intervention to (Un)manage Growth

Megachurches: A Growing Community Anchor

Author: Daniel Wright (Downloadable PDF) Real estate value reflects a factor of risk.  Community risk inherently is captured in real estate value and is a composition of such elements as employment, income, and population growth (Carr, et al., 2003).  These elements provide tenants to rent space and customers to buy products thereby increasing property value. … Continue Reading Megachurches: A Growing Community Anchor

The Impact of 3D Printing on Real Estate

Author: Sean Mashian (Downloadable PDF) One of the most intriguing, and possibly disruptive, technologies now emerging is 3D printing.  While still expensive and relatively unpolished, this new method of manufacturing products – from medical devices to airplanes – could be on a path to revolutionize retail, shipping, and the general need for space.  Currently, 3D… Continue Reading The Impact of 3D Printing on Real Estate

Balancing Competing Corporate Objectives: The Case of Texmark Real Estate Company

Authors: Morgan Zollinger, Ravikanth Pamidimukkala (Downloadable PDF) As William Sullivan walked to his car to begin the commute home after a long day at work, he considered the different options before him. As the CEO of the Texmark Real Estate Company (TexREC), Sullivan was concerned about the future of the company he had been leading for… Continue Reading Balancing Competing Corporate Objectives: The Case of Texmark Real Estate Company

CornellREW: Cornell Real Estate Women

The Baker Program in Real Estate is proud to announce the formation of Cornell Real Estate Women (CornellREW) during the 2016-2017 academic year. CornellREW is Cornell University’s primary graduate and professional student organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of women in real estate. The organization was founded with three primary goals: (1) to support… Continue Reading CornellREW: Cornell Real Estate Women

Alumni Highlight: Sandeep Chadha

Author: Tiya Jain Sandeep Chadha is a Partner at Milestone Capital Advisors (AUM $800 million) and has 14-plus years of experience in fund raising, investments, asset management and divestments. As a part of senior management at Milestone, he oversees the private REIT portfolio including investments and asset management. Sandeep is responsible for setting up a… Continue Reading Alumni Highlight: Sandeep Chadha

Alumni Highlight: Dylan Fonseca

Author: Harrison Willis We are pleased to recognize Dylan Fonseca as a Cornell alumnus. Dylan Fonseca (MBA ‘12) is a founding member of Fondo Atlas, an owner and operator of real estate in Florida focused on direct asset level investments in retail and residential properties. Fondo Atlas focuses on strategic acquisitions and best-in-class financial reporting… Continue Reading Alumni Highlight: Dylan Fonseca