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Seoul Korea: Day Two

With an exciting revised curriculum which highlights the importance of global real estate, second year Baker students participated in the first intercontinental real estate trek from December 19- 22, 2016. For this inaugural intercontinental ...
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Seoul, Korea: Day One

On December 19-22, 2016, Second-Year Baker students visited Seoul, South Korea to participate in the program’s inaugural intercontinental real estate trek.  Having completed an exciting, revised curriculum that highlights the importance of the global ...
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DSS Wrap-Up: Tom Murcott Presents Songdo IBD

Tom Murcott of Gale International visited the Baker Program in Real Estate on December 1, 2016 to speak at the weekly Distinguished Speaker Series. His presentation was met with great anticipation, as he is ...
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Christopher Albanese: Strategy Behind the Albanese Organization and Green Development

Christopher Albanese, President of the Albanese Organization, visited the Baker Program in Real Estate last week to offer insights to students and faculty by way of the Distinguished Speaker Series. During his time at ...
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A New Housing Crisis? How US cities are building far too little to meet demand

With towers that reach toward the sky and people brushing quickly past each other on the streets, the life and lights of our cities may be the very heartbeat of America. For many, the ...
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Cornell Real Estate Conference Wrap up: Think Big/Think Bold: Disruptive Design in the Innovation Economy

This represents the third article in summary series of the 2016 Cornell NYC Real Estate Conference. Cornell’s 34th Annual Real Estate Conference was headlined by the theme of disruption and innovation. Accordingly, much of ...
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The Intersection of Change and the Design/ Built Environment: How New Technologies Reshape the Way We Think About Real Estate

This is second article in our summary series of the 2016 Cornell NYC Real Estate Conference. Continuing along with the theme of disruption at the 34th Annual Cornell Real Estate Conference, “The Intersection of Change ...
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Jim Tuman: Urban Retail Development

Cornell University’s Baker Program in Real Estate was pleased to host Jim Tuman, Chief Development Officer of Grid Properties for its weekly Distinguished Speaker Series on Thursday, October 27th. Grid Properties is a developer, ...
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