DSS Wrap-up: Richard Baker (SHA ’88) Governor and Executive Chairman of the Hudson’s Bay Company


Richard Baker Photo Credit: Archie Preissman

Last week the Baker Program was honored to have entrepreneur, philanthropist and the namesake benefactor of the program, Richard Baker, on campus to meet with students in the Distinguished Speaker Series. As the final speaker for the class of 2018, Richard shared his remarkable entrepreneurial story and offered parting wisdom to the to the graduating class.

Richard’s classic story of finding a market, becoming excellent at a strategy and sticking to core principles along the way resonated well with students, but Richard’s eye for art and curating a bigger vision within his work revealed a deep passion and not just a process. 

It was a great privilege to have many distinguished speakers like Richard Baker this year. Those that have had the privilege of attending the Baker Program in Real Estate and Cornell University wish to extend our sincere appreciation to Richard for his dedication to furthering graduate real estate education at Cornell.

Richard Baker Photo Credit: Julian Karel


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